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Who we are and why we exist

QTIG was founded by QuikTrip to strategically deploy long-term capital into high-quality businesses that align with our core values to: Be the Best, Never Be Satisfied, Focus Long-Term, Do What’s Right for QuikTrip, and Do the Right Thing.


We target businesses that are great employers and provide strategic long-term alternatives for founders, families, and other business owners who are looking for a partner that takes a employee-centric view.

QTIG will:
  • Invest in targets that can leverage QuikTrip Corporation’s core competencies and prioritize cultural alignment with a long-term perspective
  • Offer management teams the opportunity to focus on the long-term growth and overall success of their businesses
  • Deploy additional capital post-acquisition to pursue growth
QTIG will NOT:
  • Employ excessive leverage that burdens the balance sheet nor focus exclusively on financial returns
  • Force unnatural corporate actions by reducing headcount, for example in order to generate free cash flow
  • Sacrifice customer service or product quality

Our Core Values

strategic, long-term capital for high quality brands and services

Our Core Values

Culturally-Aligned Management Teams Will...

Be The Best

  • Relentlessly pursue being the best in the eyes of the customers, competition, and employee
  • Insist on high operating and management standards and hiring the best talent

Never Be Satisfied

  • Remodel, close, or relocate store locations to meet the evolving needs of customers
  • Benchmark against the best, commit to continual improvement, and never rest on laurels

Focus Long-Term

  • Operate with a horizon of 20+ years and sacrifice short-term profits to build the future
  • Invest in training and developing people to foster innovation and drive organic growth

Do What's Right for QuikTrip

  • Make decisions for the good of the company that prioritize customers and employees
  • Conserve resources, protect the balance sheet, and manage employees fairly, firmly, and consistently

Do The Right Thing

  • Support our communities and always consider how actions affect customers and employees
  • Operate in a way that would make their families and employees proud

We Exist To Provide Opportunities for Employees to Grow and Succeed

“If you’re not taking care of customers, you’d better be taking care of the people who are.”