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About the QuikTrip Investment Group


The QuikTrip Investment Group is an internal branch of QuikTrip Corporation, a privately held family and employee-owned company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founded in 1958, QuikTrip corporation’s purpose is: “To provide opportunities for employees to grow and succeed,” and with the tremendous growth and success that QuikTrip has experienced in recent years with our core business, the creation of the QuikTrip Investment Group provides another path for us to create additional opportunities and deploy strategic capital.


QuikTrip Corporation is known for its commitment to employees, industry-leading customer service, and operational excellence, with strong roots in the Southern and Midwestern regions of the United States. By investing in new and complementary platforms organically and through acquisitions, we have the ability to expand our reach and leverage QuikTrip’s expertise in scaling businesses while offering long-term growth opportunities to employees.

Investment Criteria

QuikTrip Investment Group seeks controlling positions and intends to hold acquisitions in perpetuity with the following Investment Criteria:
  • EBITDA of at least $10 million with the capacity to evaluate much larger opportunities
  • Profitable business models with long-term earnings growth potential
  • Ability to apply expertise in scaling multi-unit, customer-facing concepts
  • Customer, and employee-focused operating model that prioritizes brand strength and customer loyalty
  • Management continuity with business models that provide good jobs to good people

Sectors of Immediate Interest

QuikTrip Adjacencies:

Investments into companies that are complementary to our core business horizontally or vertically. Private-label and branded CPG with the capacity to partner at scale with QuikTrip.


Retail & Service Platforms:

Multi-unit, customer-facing concepts with attractive unit economics that need expertise in scaling. Company-owned models with top quartile economics for the sector are prioritized.


Health Care

Medical-related platforms that complement QuikTrip’s investment in MedWise Urgent Care. Opportunities that offer new capabilities, services or geographic territories. Specialist providers in core markets: Texas, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Key Differentiators and Value-Adding Capabilities

  • QTIG Does Not Need To Access The Debt Markets To Finance Investment Opportunities
  • Retail Operational Expertise
  • Real Estate Acquisition And Development
  • Geographic Expansion
  • Human Resources
  • In-house Data Science Team
  • Dedicated Corporate Development Resources